He sent me this CD all the way from Melbourne! Thank u, thank u, thank u! 😀


When I first heard of wombats, I thought they looked like some sort of wild boar or some fierce creature. I wasn’t so interested in seeing them compared to koalas and kangaroos. But it totally changed my mind when I met them!! I was over excited when I saw how cute they were. They look somewhat like a bear plus koala. Oh well.. indescribable of how adorable they actually were. Haha!

Aren’t they cute? They are waiting to be fed.

Wombats are mammals and herbivores. They walk with a somewhat awkward, shuffling or waddling gait. Although they appear to be slow, wombats are very alert and can move quickly with great agility when needed.

They ran towards me. Maybe because they knew I was holding food.

According to an article, it was stated that despite wombats’ thickset body and stubby legs, they can run up to 40 km/hr (25 mph) over short distances. They can cover 100 meters (325 feet) in less than 10 seconds which is as fast as the fastest Olympic sprinters! Amazing, huh? 😀

While it was once thought that wombats weren’t very bright, it’s now generally accepted that they are quite intelligent. They are, however, very stubborn and determined, and since they’re so strong–built like a tank or bulldozer–they will often go through an obstacle rather than around it (haha!). They’ve been known to go through doors, walls, or anything else that stands in their way. That’s probably one of the reasons why they were once considered simpleminded.

Playfulness is sometimes cited as a measure of intelligence. Wombats are the most playful. Play will often include head butting, bitting, and running away to solicit a chase. When running, a wombat may “indulge in shoulder rolls and somersaults.” Wombats often use biting to express their feelings, usually in a playful manner with no intent to injure.

Haha.. so what do you think about wombats? Cute isn’t it?

Feeding time! Come wombie..

The small one (far left) couldn’t reach the platform so it turned and walked away. Awww…

I miss wombies. Hope to visit them again one day 😀

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