I have a friend who works in Blue Reef, Straits Quay. During my last visit with HJ, she recommended us their Seafood Galore and we enjoyed it. They are famous for their fish and chips but if you are not a fan of fish, they offer other choices of main too such as calamari, prawns and sausages. For your information, they don’t take reservation on weekends. So, we went there at 6.30pm to reserve our seats. By 7.00pm onwards, the place is packed!


Main Courses

Dessert and Beverages

Smoked Salmon Linguini (RM22.00)

Seafood Galore Garoupa (RM42.00)

A combination of scallops, prawns, calamari rings,  fish fillet, salad and chips. You can select a choice of either traditional beer batter or bread crumbs.

We opt for a mixture as suggested by Aivin. This is really worth it. If you are a small eater, you can share it among 3 people.

HJ’s last piece of calamari

Then we went to Fruuze for dessert. In spite of my full stomach, there’s always some space for dessert.

Green Tea Frozen Yogurt with Dragon Fruit and Almond Flakes

Thanks for coming everyone!


It’s a fattening theme of the night.

Wine and cheese tasting.

Aun Ling came to join us and she brought us Waterthins.

Thanks girl!

We had brie

and this is how looks like..

fruit & nut cheese

Cheddar cheese with spring onion

whole loads of crackers

honey almond nuts

2 bottles of red wine

and our spread of food for the night

We had a great time fellowshipping

and a good laugh when watching Outsourced.

Thanks guys!

It’s our 2nd meeting for YWA Cell and Miss Rachel was our organizer.

Ee Laine’s doing her online pizza ordering.

I’ve never seen this before and looks like Domino’s has a ‘canggih’ system. Haha.

While waiting for our pizza delivery, Kah Wei served us with some sparkling juice.

Everyone was hungry and we tried to watch The Fighter but we couldn’t focus. We were anxiously waiting for the delivery man to reach but he was late.

We had Crunchy Thin Crust Classified Chicken,

New York Crust Seafood Delight,

Classic Hand Tossed Meat Mania,

Crazy Chicken Crunchies,

Garlic Cheese Onion Rings, and

Twisty Bread.

Feasting and fellowshipping time. We abandoned our movie. Haha. Thanks Rachel and the rest of you. It’s an enjoyable and simple night!