Five months have passed. My training at Equatorial Hotel, officially ended at 4pm today. As I was clearing my locker, my heart suddenly felt so heavy, reflecting on the good and bad times here. Tears welled my eyes as I walked out from the hotel. I missed my friends especially those who have helped me and guided me. Although I used to complainĀ  alot, this place has brought me wonderful memories. I am going to miss those who called me Ah Moi, Cha Boh and etc. I did not manage to say thank you and good bye to some of them. Here is the list of people whom I wanna thank and may God bless you all:

From The View

Chef Looi, Chef Palani, Chef Fahmy, Dwayne, Chan, Jimmy, Warren, ‘Papa’, Zul

From Pastry & Bakery

Chef Khor, Kak Azira, Kak Su, Kak Rena, Abang Idris, Abang Eddie, Anthony, Abang Fazlee, Abang Ezri

From Muslim Kitchen

Chef Rais

From Cold Kitchen

Chef Wan, Chef Khor

From Butchery

Chef Haizar

From Main Kitchen

Chef Jeffrey, Chef Zairi, Kupang, Mr. Renny

From Kampachi

Chef Teh, Chef Kok, Chef Azlan, Chef Laurence, Abang Miron, Clemence, Abang Wan, Sham, Abang Taqiu


Aunty Suria, Chow Loon

and not to forget my fellow trainee friends too,

Yeok Fong, Tong Leong, Tony Bok, Lauren Kam, Jia Ling, Yeap, Kwan, Lim


Thank You for this journey which You have brought me through. Forgive me, O Lord, for the times when I fell back and for not putting my trust fully on You but You are a loving God who forgives. Thank You for standing with me all these while. Lord, I ask in Jesus name that You bless the list of people stated above. May Your angels guide them and lead them to where they shall be. And may my next chapter of life bring You more glory. This, I ask in Jesus mighty name. Amen.


Phew.. what a tiring way to start a new entry. Haha. Well, it’s been a tiring week for me since Monday. There are many functions lately and I am currently trained at Muslim Kitchen, one of the busiest kitchen. Basically, this kitchen caters food for hotel staffs and casual workers, thus nothing is light and easy here. Everything is HEAVY! For the first week, I could still bear with it but this week, I am starting to feel exhausted.

Every morning, my job is to cook rice for 500 staffs, cook nasi lemak for Coffee House and make 3 types of kerabu. These are the 3 basic jobs. Sounds easy, but not exactly when you experience carrying the pots and rice. Even an empty rice pot is heavy! All cooking comes in large quantities. The vegetables are heavy, the woks are heavy, the kitchen is hot, and two days ago I ‘pia’ like ‘siao lang’ due to lack of staff and my slow working pace. I sweat from head to toe. These people can eat alot. We have to keep refilling the food and cook, cook, cook. There were times I felt so weary that I cried out loud in my heart, waiting for it to be over. Thank God, His presence helped me to be patient and pull through it.

Now, this is why I would consider this kitchen as the ‘real’ one because of all the kitchens I have been to, this is the most hectic and life experiencing one. I seriously learned alot here. I have to make split second decision when being asked to do a task. I can’t expect chef to tell me again and again. They like trainees to be automatic and some nice chefs will even praise you. Chef Rais likes to say “Sayang, pandainya.. sudah boleh kahwin.” And I will reply “Tiap-tiap hari pun boleh kahwin la.” Haha.

I still have 5 more days in this kitchen and I hope to learn as much as I can. I would love to stay on longer only if I don’t have to carry the heavy stuff but again, nothing is light here. Well, guess that’s all for now. Will update you guys and gals again.

Blessed day to all!

Cold Kitchen

March 20, 2009

Time flies very fast ever since I started training in the kitchen. Another 3 weeks has past. Before I entered Muslim Kitchen, I was trained at Cold Kitchen. Basically, we prepared cold items such as sandwiches, salads, appetizers and fruits. Pardon me as I only managed to capture some pictures and some of them are in bad quality (my mobile phone camera quality).

And yeah, I learned fruit carving as well. It is not as easy as I thought.. The way you hold and handle your carving knife is very important in getting a nice result and everyone has their own style of doing it. So, it’s all about practise and patience.

My first apple carving

And once again, I accidentally cut my right ring finger as I was washing a blender but it was just a mild one.

Injured finger

Every morning, I prepare salads and the condiments for buffet lunch.

Condiments for salad


After that, I prepareĀ  fruit baskets for hotel guests. I have learned to cut fruits too (I know it’s simple but to me, everything needs practise).

Fruit baskets

Salmon lomi-lomi on angle hair bed

Ogo salad with shredded chicken

Mexican black bean salad with corn, peppers and chopped coriander leaves (I made this.. hehe)

Vegetarian skewers (and I made this too.. )

From top: cherry tomato, zuchinni, yellow zuchinni, red bell peppers, tofu, carrot.

Vegetarian pita pocket & banana bread

Strawberry crepe with whipped cream and chocolate sauce

Crepe with caramel and almond

That’s all for now. Thanks to Chef Wan and to the rest of the cold kitchen chefs for guiding me throughout the 3 weeks training.

I’m back!

February 24, 2009

Yes, I’m back again! I really need to update my blog more often from now onwards since I can access the internet already. It has been kinda tiring for me for the past few weeks after CNY break. To think about it, I have already completed almost 2 months of training at EQ Hotel. Time flies very fast just like a flash of lightning! There are so many things which I have missed and I don’t know where to start.

Training is good so far. I have passed my training at butchery kitchen which I hesitated to enter at the first place. Frankly, I like butchery! There are so many things to learn; cutting, trimming, slicing, chopping, making meat and seafood skewers and etc. Chef Haizar, Mike and Thani are kind in sharing their experiences. One thing I like about EQ is that most of their staffs are friendly and we treat one another like brothers and sisters. Hence, it makes my life easier whenever I come across any difficulties. Not to forget, I am also a lady and guys treat lady chefs more politely *wink*. Haha. They keep calling me ‘Ah Moi’.

‘Ah Moi, you college mana?’, ‘Ah Moi, you umur berapa?’, ‘Ah Moi, you nampak macam 19 tahun saja lah’, ‘Ah Moi, bila nak kahwin?’, ‘Ah Moi, you ok ah?’,’Ah Moi, senyum lah’.. and so on. Haha! Well, I am so used of the word ‘Ah Moi’ now. Most of them hardly remember chinese names so I introduced myself as San. And when I mentioned San, they thought it’s sun or son. So, ya I told them ‘You ingat lah matahari.. nama saya San’. Haha.

Anyway, today is my second day at Cold Kitchen. My shift is from 7am till 3pm. So ya, gotta wake up early every morning and go to bed early as well. Oh ya, I have some good news to share with you guys. Dear is back for good this time, Avery is starting to walk steadily and starting to sing her ‘gibberish’ song, and of course I have internet connection in my room! Yay..

Well, I guess that’s all for now. I will update you guys again soon. Stay tune!

Training – Week 2 & 3

January 27, 2009

It has been a long week for me. Sorry for the late update as I wasn’t back home for almost 2 weeks due to my working shifts. I was on morning shift last week (7 a.m till 3 p.m)at Main Kitchen. It was my first week there and I met with more chefs who are very nice and helpful. I learned to handle big pots and pans which are kind of heavy for me but so far everything is fine. And yeah, I made poh piah for guests on my first day at Main for the buffet lunch. It was fun and exciting! On the second day, I fried pasta and the following day I learned to make Mongolian stir-fry. It was great to see people enjoyed the food you made and I really don’t mind standing there and serve although my legs were tired. I still have another 2 weeks to go at Main Kitchen. I will learn as much as I can *grins*

My finger is completely healed. Thanks for the wishes and concern. This was how it looks like 2 weeks ago.

My injured my left index finger nail

Let me introduce you briefly about The View Restaurant at EQ Hotel, the place where I underwent my training 2 weeks ago. This fine dining restaurant showcases authentic French cuisine that is complemented by majestic scenery of the island’s coastline that can be viewed through the entire length of the 10-metre windows. They serve luxurious ala carte for both semi buffet lunch and semi buffet dinner. I love seeing the dessert and entree presentation which comes in mini portion but full of creativity. The way Chef Palani presents them simply opens our guests’ appetite. Some of them are too cute and nicely presented to be eaten. Haha! Anyway, here’s the compliments to all the chefs (Chef Looi, Chef Palani, Chef Fahmy, Dwayne, Charles, Chan, Fikri), Mr. Renny, Ray and the rest who have guided me and taught me alot *wink*

With Chef Palani

From left: Chef Fahmy, Charles, San, Chan and Dwayne

The View Restaurant

Entree buffet line


Oysters, scallops and prawns

And the closed-up..

For entree

Artichoke bottom with tempenade and quail egg

Chicken roll with caramelized red cabbage

Cauiflower and tomato with Parmesan cheese dressing

Salmon roll with cream cheese

Mozarella cheese topped with eggplant salad

Boiled potatoes served with sour cream and caviar


Scallop salad

Spicy chicken roll

Tuna and heart of palm topped with sour cream and caviar

Potato salad

Grilled lamb loin with brown lentils

Rice salad

For ala carte

Baked lobster

Grilled mixed seafood

Lamb chop

Grilled tenderloin

Foie Gras

Lamb shank

For dessert

My favourite corner. Haha!


Mini opera cake

Cheese cake

Chocolate moist swiss roll with peppermint cream

Cream caramel

For those of you who wish to dine in:
Monday – Friday, Lunch 12 noon – 2.30 pm
Monday – Saturday, Dinner 6.30 pm – 10.00 pm
Closed on Public Holidays

I would also like to take this opportunity to wish a very blessed Chinese New Year to all my Chinese fellow readers! May this year bring you abundance of joy, good health and success!