Visit ABC in Singapore

July 18, 2013

Love always, San Yi


Brotherly Love

October 4, 2012


May 18, 2012

Baby Connor

May 9, 2012

Connor at week 6. Isn’t he chubby?

Mommy and Papa with 3 adorable and lovely grand kids

Bradley’s a big Koko now

Breakfast with Elmo

25 February – 1 March 2012

Finally, a family reunion after soooooo long! Met the Tsengs. Super like the 2 kids.

Love this. It’s Avery’s masterpiece.

Soy milk with pearls for only SGD1.50

Bye Bye Uncle Jen

Don’t miss me okay?

Chui Kueh (4 for SGD 1.00)

Mommy’s helper

Poh Piah

Chicken Bun

Singapore Laksa

Looking forward to visit you all again! Love, San ♥

Love, Auntie San ♥

Baby Bradley (Illustration)

October 26, 2010