Day 5 – Macau

October 21, 2011

Ruins of  St. Paul’s

Pork bun and bubble milk tea for breakfast

Om nom nom…

Kopi Luwak

Chinese style Macaroni and ham & Toast for brunch

Frozen yogurt


Day 4 – Macau

October 20, 2011

2 October 2011

Thick Toast for breakfast

Snack from 7-Eleven

Chocolaty Hello Kitty

Spicy African Chicken Rice for Lunch

Can’t recall the name but it’s some seafood rice. A Portuguese dish.

Show time!

Best Portuguese Egg Tart from Lord Stow at Venetian

Red wine bread for supper

Day 3 – Hong Kong

October 19, 2011

1 October 2011

MOS Burger Chilli Hotdog with Corn Soup for breakfast

Saw so many people eating this snack, so I followed…

Crispy Mini Egg Waffle

Peak Tram

Beef Pho

Spring Roll

360 Degrees Sky Terrace

Strong wind made my hair super messy and all tangled up

Dinner at Cafe de Coral

Happy National Day Hong Kong!

Day 2 – Hong Kong

October 15, 2011


Victoria Harbour

Mango Fiesta at Hui Lau Shan Healthy Dessert

Ladies Market

Langham Shopping Mall

The Symphony of Lights


Double layer milk dessert

Pork bun

Day 1 – Macau & Hong Kong

October 12, 2011

We arrived at Macau International Airport at 10.30am. Our actual plan was to go straight to HK via ferry but unfortunately, Typhoon Nesat signal no. 8 hit HK and Macau was affected too.

We were stranded at the airport as all transportation services were cancelled. Nothing much we could do except to wait.

And suddenly, a guy approached us and offered us to hop on Galaxy free shuttle. We didn’t hesitate and there we go…

Galaxy Hotel and Casino

The beautiful interior

HJ with the fortune stones

I was almost blown away by the strong wind.. haha

The free shuttle didn’t come to pick us up from Galaxy so we had to carry our luggage and walked to our next destination, The Venetian.

I was in awe to see the masterpiece on the ceiling

and the fake sky

Gondola ride

We were super tired by evening. Lack of sleep and rest.

Praise God by 6.00pm, the typhoon went down to signal no. 3 and the ferry was back to service. We took a taxi to Taipa Ferry Terminal which cost us HKD100 (RM41)! That’s super expensive coz the ferry terminal isn’t very far away.

People were queuing an waiting to enter the ferry

I was exhausted. I vomited due to the rough waves.

Upon arrival in HK, we took MTR to Mongkok.

He is tired. I think we were both ‘chow sui’ and ‘seh koh’.

Mongkok, here we go!