Our Precious Baby Boy

January 15, 2015

Daniel Lim Ming Yu (2.97kg) was born on 3/8/2014 (Sunday) at 6.39am.

Praise God for a smooth delivery and a healthy baby! ❤


Week 39

August 1, 2014

Okay, I think it’s my mucus membrane. There was blood in my urine at 4.45am. Admitted to hospital at 7.30am. The nurse monitored baby’s heart beat while we waited for Dr. Soon to arrive. Finally, I got my 1st vaginal exam. Praise God baby’s fine and doing well. Cervix is only 1.5cm dilated. Got discharged from hospital and rested at home.

Complimentary breakfast from Adventist Hospital

We will meet you soon Baby Daniel!


A Surprise Baby Shower

June 18, 2014

Friday, 13th June 2014

Draw and Guess

Baby Wipes!

The creative drawings

Craft by the ladies

Crafts by the men

Beautiful decorated water bottles and cups

Rachel’s rainbow pancake

Mini milk bottles

Thanks to all of you! We are truly blessed 🙂