Short Trip to Hatyai

October 8, 2011

Thai Immigration

The long queue

Room at Golden Crown Plaza

Pig’s trotters

Tom Yam Kung

The Waffle Stall

Chewy and Sweet Thai Custard Waffle

Floating Market

Only RM2 for each food or drink

Cute clay mugs for coconut drink

Kuey Chap

Fried oyster

Colourful kueh and jelly

Colourful sushi (Thai style)

Thai Crispy Pancake with coconut cream and shredded coconut

Shredded Pork Filled Bun from 7-Eleven

Chee Cheong Fun (RM1)

Kaya Kueh

Gelato from Gelate

Chocolate and Passion Fruit Gelato (RM8.5)

Junks bought from 7-Eleven

Pocky (from left: Chocolate RM1.50, Lychee RM2, Blueberry RM2)


BBQ Rib Burger

Samurai Pork Burger

Thank you and see you again Hatyai!


2 Responses to “Short Trip to Hatyai”

  1. hooixianlai Says:

    I LIKE!! Looks like a very nice trip.
    Wish I have a camera on my own, so that I can take pics wherever I go 🙂

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