A Surprise from Tesco!

August 20, 2010

I received a phone call from Rachel last Tuesday. I was informed that I won the consolation prize for Rasa-Rasa Semenanjung Contest. Wohoo! What a pleasant surprise *wide smile*. I used to not believe in this kind of contest but it prove me wrong this time. Haha. I submitted several recipes which I extracted from my blog so, I didn’t know which one they selected.

I went to collect my prize today and the manager asked me, “You didn’t bake your coconut tart for us?” My mind was puzzled for a moment then only I realized that the entry that won was my Coconut Tart recipe and there is a chance that my recipe will appear in the Rasa-Rasa Semenanjung book. This is so awesome! Thank you, Tesco!

p.s: By the way, the prize is RM100 Tesco cash voucher. What are you going to buy if you have RM100? Junks? Haha!


4 Responses to “A Surprise from Tesco!”

  1. Congratulations! It would be totally cool to have your recipe published in their cookbook.

    What would I do with a RM 100 Tesco voucher? Probably buy a whole bunch of potato chips πŸ™‚

    By the way, House of Annie has moved to its own domain, http://www.houseofannie.com. I’d appreciate it if you changed the link in your blogroll to point to the new site instead of the old ChezAnnies on BlogSpot. Thanks!

  2. KK Says:

    Congrats, San!!
    Gonna be known throughout Malaysia ya!

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