My 26th Belated Birthday at Singapore

May 5, 2010

Wohoo.. it’s a holiday treat to Singapore! As usual, he was being cheeky for not telling me the destination until the last minute. I was reminded again and again to bring along my passport and I have no idea where we were going, but back in my mind, I knew for sure it’s out of M’sia, else why passport? Haha. I was getting curious as the day approached. He slowly revealed it to me on my birthday. And finally.. yeah… it’s S’pore! *grins* I’ve never been there for quite some time and I didn’t expect I’d have this opportunity to visit Singapore at this time as I was waiting to attend Ling Yin’s wedding in S’pore too. Anyway, it was a pleasant surprise and thanks so much De! Me enjoyed the holiday. Haha.

Day 1 (April 23) – Departed from Penang airport in the morning. Visited City Hall, Raffles Place, Esplanade & Clarke Quay. Walked and walked the whole day. Legs were tired.

Here we go…

This baby who sat next to us was very adorable. I couldn’t stop looking at her and  so coincident we went on the same flight on the day we returned to Penang. Haha. I think she looks like him when he was young. Let me show you:

Isn’t he adorable? (Sorry ya, de.. hehe)

Our first dessert: Extra Nuts Mille-Feuille (Mixture of Mille-Feuille, fresh cream, caramel sauce, almonds and pecans)

And for lunch, we had Hot & Spicy Seafood Ramen and

Korean BBQ Chicken Rice Set

Esplanade (Singapore largest ‘Durian’)

Clarke Quay Riverside

Dinner at Hooters – The waitresses are hot and sexy.

Deep Fried Pan Pacific Dory with Thousand Island sauce

Fried cheesecake with chocolate sauce

Day 2 (April 24) – Woke up early. Went to Universal Studio, Resort World Sentosa. The weather was hot. He sweated like crazy. Both of us were super excited. We went on most of the rides. The queue for all the rides were super LOOOOOOOOOOONG! Nevertheless, it was worth waiting. I like Shrek 4D Adventure, Canopy Flyer, Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure, WaterWorld, Lights Camera Action (hosted by Steven Spielberg) and Revenge of the Mummy. The indoor roller coaster ride was awesome! I screamed. He closed his eyes. Haha. For the water ride, thank God we were not as wet as the others. Some were drenched. I redeemed a pair of lazy slippers coz my feet hurt. Overall, we had lots of fun.

Entrance fee SGD72 per adult (for weekend)

Far Far Away


4D Shrek Adventure

Meow~ (The photographer said don’t pull its whiskers but we did it on purpose. Haha)

Ancient Egypt

With Marilyn at Hollywood

Hiao or not?


Kung Fu Panda

After a lunch we had my ‘Twinkle Twinkle Little Star’ birthday cake at Celebrity Cafe & Bakery (Hollywood)

Universal Classic Monsters in “Monster Rock”

Great music, dancing and special effects

The Lost World (WaterWorld)

Thumbs up for the the Heroes

It was evening by the time we finished the show at WaterWorld. It drizzled and we were hungry. Went hunting for food but most of the cafes were closed by 7pm. So, we had hotdogs and churros. Our last stop was the souvenir shop.

Another shot before we left

Day 3 (April 25) – Met up with Mandy, Francis and Joyce for breakfast at Suntec City. Chit chat while waiting for church service. Went to New Creation Church which consists of  22,000 people. Gotta get tickets earlier in order to sit at the auditorium. The queue to the entrance of the church was long and  I thought it was a queue for a cinema. Haha. Worship was awesome and message by Pastor Joseph Prince was powerful. Their communion cup and bread is cute. It comes in a mini-sealed-cup (like jelly with a cracker on top).

Communion cup and bread

Mandy, Joyce and Francis

After service, we went to Botak Jones at Orchard for lunch.

Mini-Me Fish and Chips

Fish burger

Stuffed Jalapenos


Mandy & me

We had some snacks in the mall while resting our tired legs.

Hakka Suan Pan Zhi (Abascus Taro Beads)

Then we headed to Serangoon Garden Food Centre (Chomp Chomp) for dinner. Mandy ordered some of the famous dishes.

Fried carrot cake

Ikan panggang

Fried Hokkien mee

Frolick yogurt ice cream (original & passion fruit flavour)

Day 4 (April 26) – Woke up a bit later. Went to Suntec City again. Had Vietnamese lunch. He bought some polo shirts and Royce chocolate. Then we left for the airport earlier and had Mcd for dinner. Superb.

Spring roll

Chicken Pho

Thanks you de for all the planning you have made. I really enjoyed it!


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