The Journey of Dance (26 Nov 2009)

December 9, 2009

Three months ago, Kai Beng called up and asked if  I would like to join them in a dance performance at Dewan Sri Pinang. Without hesitation, I accepted the offer. I was pretty nervous at first because I have stopped dancing for quite some time and knowing that this was a big production for Kai Beng, it made me sleepless for several weeks. I tried to memorize the steps and after I was familiar with them, I worried about my costume, then my make-up and my hair. Everything was an eye-opener for me. It was my first dance performance at Dewan Sri Pinang, my first time involved in 3 dances in one night, my first time putting heavy make-up and fake eyelashes. Haha. What a great experience! All the time and effort put in was worth while. Thanks Kai Beng, Tracy and K&T Artwork!

Watching other groups during rehearsal

My first time putting eyeshadow

and fixing fake eyelashes

Helping one another (backstage)

Chicken rice for dinner

Mr. Ng Kai Beng, our producer of the event

The audience

Ala Pointe Ballet Academy


Fresh Beat Rocker

K&T Artwork (Hush-Hush)

Jesline’s solo part

D’vol (Junior)



Ala Pointe Ballet Academy


K&T Artwork (Sense of Love)


Dance Factory Art Academy


K&T Artwork (Danseur de Jazz)

K&T Artwork (Fame)

Woo hoo!


Some photos taken before our preformance (backstage):

K&T Artwork & DOS

Hush-Hush ladies

Fame dancers

We are looking forward for another performance!


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