1 year 6 months old

July 24, 2009

She’s almost 2! Grown up baby Avery *wink*

She has just received her report card, and this what her teacher said about her:

Name of child:  Avery Tseng

Date of Birth: November 12th 2007

Date of report:  November 2008 (Updated May 2009)

Present age:      1 year old ( 1 year 6  months)

General Comments

PYP Attitudes

Avery is a very mild-mannered child who seems to have adapted fairly well to her new environment.  She is a very affectionate child who likes to be cuddled.  Avery has become more trusting of caregivers and often will smile when being approached by them. She is slowly adjusting to the daily routine mainly during naptime.  Teachers are encouraging her to help put herself to sleep by not taking her out when she cries, reinsuring that she is okay.

Avery is a very quiet, and somber child who enjoys being close to her teachers.  She has adjusted well with her friends and all the teachers at the nursery.  When exploring her environment she continues to return to teachers for comfort and assurance, (May 2009)

Potential areas for growth (challenges) reference the developmental checklist

Avery is determined to try and get a toy that is out of reach. She is able to maneuver her body into the shelf or small spaces. Avery has become more confident as she will try to stand on her own and look at her caregivers for encouragement.  Avery enjoys listening to stories and songs and will often sit for short periods of time.

Avery language is progressing.  She is able to say words such as “JoJo”, “baby”, “Hi”, and “Jack”.

Avery is now walking with confidence. (May 2009)

PYP (adapted) Transdisciplinary Skills

Avery is able to feed herself finger foods such as cut up fruit and dry cereal.  Teachers are encouraging her to hold her bottle.  Avery is able to communicate her needs with a few sounds and gestures. Recently, she has become very vocal through babbling with excitement.  Teachers are encouraging Avery’s language through our daily songs and stories

Avery is now showing more independence by feeding herself and sometimes using a spoon.    At times she will get upset if teachers offer their help.   Avery enjoys looking at picture books and naming familiar objects such as “duck”, “book”, and “babies”.   (May 2009)

The PYP Learner Profile

Avery is learning to be an inquirer!  When outside she will explore the playground by picking up the flowers and leaves on the ground and looking at them.

Avery is a risk-taker! She will try to climb up the slide when outside, and stand on the small sofa in the classroom.  Avery is very observant.  She will often watch what her peers are doing before participating.

Avery is learning to be a Communicator! She is able to say about 4 -5 word, and say her friends’ names.  At times she will use gestures to let her teachers know her needs.   Teachers will continue to give her words to use to accommodate her needs. (May 2009)

Effectiveness of the environment on the child’s learning

Avery joined ACE Nursery and Preschool in October 2008.  Before this time she was home with her grandmother. Since joining she has made much progress in adapting to her new environment.  Avery is very confident and comfortable with her teachers and peers.  Teachers will continue to extend Avery’s learning and development through our units of inquiry.

Avery continues to enjoy her environment and seems to look forward to coming to school.  Most times she has an easy separation from parents in the morning.  Teachers are continuing to encourage Avery to interact with her friends more as she likes to be very close to teachers and often becomes very upset when they have to move. (May 2009)

Class Teachers                                                    Date: November 19th/08/ May 2009

Shanette Robinson

Sheree Mullan


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