Another Chapter of Life

June 6, 2009

Five months have passed. My training at Equatorial Hotel, officially ended at 4pm today. As I was clearing my locker, my heart suddenly felt so heavy, reflecting on the good and bad times here. Tears welled my eyes as I walked out from the hotel. I missed my friends especially those who have helped me and guided me. Although I used to complain  alot, this place has brought me wonderful memories. I am going to miss those who called me Ah Moi, Cha Boh and etc. I did not manage to say thank you and good bye to some of them. Here is the list of people whom I wanna thank and may God bless you all:

From The View

Chef Looi, Chef Palani, Chef Fahmy, Dwayne, Chan, Jimmy, Warren, ‘Papa’, Zul

From Pastry & Bakery

Chef Khor, Kak Azira, Kak Su, Kak Rena, Abang Idris, Abang Eddie, Anthony, Abang Fazlee, Abang Ezri

From Muslim Kitchen

Chef Rais

From Cold Kitchen

Chef Wan, Chef Khor

From Butchery

Chef Haizar

From Main Kitchen

Chef Jeffrey, Chef Zairi, Kupang, Mr. Renny

From Kampachi

Chef Teh, Chef Kok, Chef Azlan, Chef Laurence, Abang Miron, Clemence, Abang Wan, Sham, Abang Taqiu


Aunty Suria, Chow Loon

and not to forget my fellow trainee friends too,

Yeok Fong, Tong Leong, Tony Bok, Lauren Kam, Jia Ling, Yeap, Kwan, Lim


Thank You for this journey which You have brought me through. Forgive me, O Lord, for the times when I fell back and for not putting my trust fully on You but You are a loving God who forgives. Thank You for standing with me all these while. Lord, I ask in Jesus name that You bless the list of people stated above. May Your angels guide them and lead them to where they shall be. And may my next chapter of life bring You more glory. This, I ask in Jesus mighty name. Amen.


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