Blessed Belated Birthday to Me!

April 23, 2009

Happy Birthday to Me…

Happy Birthday to Me…

Happy Birthday to Me…….

Happy Birthday to Me!

Yes, I am officially 25 now. Getting older and wiser. Haha! I just came back from work about 30 mins ago and yeah, I had a good day at work in pastry kitchen (my 2nd day). I’ve learned to make cheese cake, cream puff fillings, tiramisu, cream cheese frosting and red bean mousse. I also get to decorate and dip fortnue cookies into chocolate sauce.

Last night, Xian, HJ and Kim treated me a dinner at Chilis. Believe it or not, this is my first time there. Xian was keen about this place and since we have never been there and I also couldn’t decide where to go so, it’s worth trying. I am satisfied even though it’s just a simple dinner. Four of us had a great time together and yeah, the food portion is HUGE! We took alot of photos but I have not uploaded them yet. I will post them up soon.

Before I go to bed, I just wanna say many thanks for all the birthday wishes and gifts. I really appreciate every single one of them. And thank You Lord for Your wonderful blessings *grin*


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