A Visit to Cameron Highlands

April 9, 2009

It’s my first trip to somewhere a little further with HJ this year. We had a one-day-trip to Cameron Highlands last week. It was a last minute decision. We planned a night before and off we go the next morning. Haha, isn’t it amazing! I guess the last time I visited Cameron was about 10 years ago. I went there when I was just a little kid and I remembered it was a cool place to visit. However, today’s Cameron is no longer cooling anymore. It’s only chilling in the morning and at night but it’s hot in the afternoon.

We stayed at Rainbow Hotel in Brinchang whereby the rate for one standard room is RM75 nett, not inclusive breakfast. I think the rate is reasonable. Brinchang is a small town filled with colourful buildings which are mostly hotels, groceries and eating outlets. This is the place where you can find petrol station and it’s just 5 to 10 minutes drive to Tanah Rata.

We started our journey from Penang at 10.30am. HJ drive all the way while I slept half way through. Haha!

Taking pictures just for fun while waiting for his GPS to load.

By 2.30pm, we arrived at Brinchang and checked into Rainbow Hotel. Then we went detour the small town.

We had our tea break atย  T-Cafe which is located at Tanah Rata. I insisted to visit this cafe coz I have come across many good reviews about this place especially for their homemade desserts.

T-Cafe is situated above Marrybrown (opposite Frreesia bus terminal).

The staircase to the cafe

It is selected as one of the top restaurant in year 2006

The interior

We ordered their home specialty; chicken pie, apple pie and strwberry fruity scone

Chicken pie

Small portion but it’s tasty

Apple pie served with vanilla ice cream

The apple filling is soft and the sweetness is just right. It goes well with the cold vanilla ice cream. Yum!

Strawberry fruity scone

Ah… I like desserts!

After that, we visited a strawberry farm nearby, Healthy Strawberry Farm. There wasn’t much strawberries but we enjoyed taking pictures of their beautiful flowers and variety of cactus.

Healthy Strawberry Farm (Tanah Rata)

My purple shirt matched with the purple flowers. HJ admiring the pointy cactus

Going round the farm taking flower shots

Fresh hand picked strawberried. RM10 for 3 boxes. RM4 per box. Isn’t that cheap? *grins*

After that, we went to another place where there were more beautiful flowers, cactus and souvenirs! (Sorry, I can’t recall what is it called).

From top left (clockwise): Strawberry fridge magnets, Cameron Highlands strawberry jam, strawberry clock and me

More strawberry products

The flowers are plentiful and they are all very colourful. I like our national flower, the hibiscus which stands out among the rest.

Beautiful garden and beautiful couple.. lol..

Don’t you think ‘it’ looks like him *tee-hee-hee*

A huge cup of tea for me

Kea Farm (opens from morning till late evening). You can get cheap and fresh vegetables and fruits here.

My favourite corn. Sweet and juicy when eaten fresh!

After checking out the next morning, we went to Big Red Strawberry Farm at Brinchang. I like this place. It’s huge and there were lots of strawberries. You can find strawberry desserts here too.

Even the stairs have strawberry carvings. Cute huh?

Japanese fish

Strawberry plantation


Who is the scarecrow?

As we went up higher, we saw a strawberry shop which sells all strawberry foodย  and souvenirs.

There is a wide range of strawberry desserts. Muffins, smoothies, huice, waffle, salad, yogurt, ice cream and etc.

Here, they planted cactus and flowers as well. The bright colour flowers above are called Impatiens. Sounds like impatient to me. Haha.

Who wants a ride? The car is too small for me.

Strawberries anyone?

Last but not least, we stopped at Cameron Tea Valley before we left for Penang. We were both quite tired by then. I slept in the car once again as he drove down the hill.

Cameron Tea Valley

Although it was only a short vacation, we had lots of fun walking here and there and taking pictures. Thanks dear for this awesome trip! I am looking forward for another trip *wink*


6 Responses to “A Visit to Cameron Highlands”

  1. […] I will link you to Hooi san Blog For the Pictures […]

  2. wd Says:

    wa! nice nice nice!

    how much is the hotel ya?

    include any meal?

    pls advise ya, think to go there walk walk


    • hooisanlai Says:

      It’s RM75 nett. No breakfast included ya. But I think it’s good coz you get to go outside and try their food ๐Ÿ˜€

  3. wd Says:

    i read it in ur blog after left comment here. hehe.

    thanks anyway…

  4. ck lam Says:

    It is a wonderful short holiday in Cameron. Been ages since I am up there…my son was just a toddler at that time. Hmmm…maybe time for a revisit.
    Thanks for sharing all the nice photos of your trip ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. hooisanlai Says:

    My pleasure ck lam ๐Ÿ™‚ hope you have a great trip there!

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