Life Experience in the ‘Real’ Kitchen

March 26, 2009

Phew.. what a tiring way to start a new entry. Haha. Well, it’s been a tiring week for me since Monday. There are many functions lately and I am currently trained at Muslim Kitchen, one of the busiest kitchen. Basically, this kitchen caters food for hotel staffs and casual workers, thus nothing is light and easy here. Everything is HEAVY! For the first week, I could still bear with it but this week, I am starting to feel exhausted.

Every morning, my job is to cook rice for 500 staffs, cook nasi lemak for Coffee House and make 3 types of kerabu. These are the 3 basic jobs. Sounds easy, but not exactly when you experience carrying the pots and rice. Even an empty rice pot is heavy! All cooking comes in large quantities. The vegetables are heavy, the woks are heavy, the kitchen is hot, and two days ago I ‘pia’ like ‘siao lang’ due to lack of staff and my slow working pace. I sweat from head to toe. These people can eat alot. We have to keep refilling the food and cook, cook, cook. There were times I felt so weary that I cried out loud in my heart, waiting for it to be over. Thank God, His presence helped me to be patient and pull through it.

Now, this is why I would consider this kitchen as the ‘real’ one because of all the kitchens I have been to, this is the most hectic and life experiencing one. I seriously learned alot here. I have to make split second decision when being asked to do a task. I can’t expect chef to tell me again and again. They like trainees to be automatic and some nice chefs will even praise you. Chef Rais likes to say “Sayang, pandainya.. sudah boleh kahwin.” And I will reply “Tiap-tiap hari pun boleh kahwin la.” Haha.

I still have 5 more days in this kitchen and I hope to learn as much as I can. I would love to stay on longer only if I don’t have to carry the heavy stuff but again, nothing is light here. Well, guess that’s all for now. Will update you guys and gals again.

Blessed day to all!


2 Responses to “Life Experience in the ‘Real’ Kitchen”

  1. whojen Says:

    No forgetting about the muscle that you gain
    from working in the kitchen

  2. hooisanlai Says:

    Yeah.. haha! 😀

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