Cold Kitchen

March 20, 2009

Time flies very fast ever since I started training in the kitchen. Another 3 weeks has past. Before I entered Muslim Kitchen, I was trained at Cold Kitchen. Basically, we prepared cold items such as sandwiches, salads, appetizers and fruits. Pardon me as I only managed to capture some pictures and some of them are in bad quality (my mobile phone camera quality).

And yeah, I learned fruit carving as well. It is not as easy as I thought.. The way you hold and handle your carving knife is very important in getting a nice result and everyone has their own style of doing it. So, it’s all about practise and patience.

My first apple carving

And once again, I accidentally cut my right ring finger as I was washing a blender but it was just a mild one.

Injured finger

Every morning, I prepare salads and the condiments for buffet lunch.

Condiments for salad


After that, I prepare  fruit baskets for hotel guests. I have learned to cut fruits too (I know it’s simple but to me, everything needs practise).

Fruit baskets

Salmon lomi-lomi on angle hair bed

Ogo salad with shredded chicken

Mexican black bean salad with corn, peppers and chopped coriander leaves (I made this.. hehe)

Vegetarian skewers (and I made this too.. )

From top: cherry tomato, zuchinni, yellow zuchinni, red bell peppers, tofu, carrot.

Vegetarian pita pocket & banana bread

Strawberry crepe with whipped cream and chocolate sauce

Crepe with caramel and almond

That’s all for now. Thanks to Chef Wan and to the rest of the cold kitchen chefs for guiding me throughout the 3 weeks training.


One Response to “Cold Kitchen”

  1. Selena Says:

    Please cut more fruits and no longer your fingers. You make very lovely dishes!

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