I’m back!

February 24, 2009

Yes, I’m back again! I really need to update my blog more often from now onwards since I can access the internet already. It has been kinda tiring for me for the past few weeks after CNY break. To think about it, I have already completed almost 2 months of training at EQ Hotel. Time flies very fast just like a flash of lightning! There are so many things which I have missed and I don’t know where to start.

Training is good so far. I have passed my training at butchery kitchen which I hesitated to enter at the first place. Frankly, I like butchery! There are so many things to learn; cutting, trimming, slicing, chopping, making meat and seafood skewers and etc. Chef Haizar, Mike and Thani are kind in sharing their experiences. One thing I like about EQ is that most of their staffs are friendly and we treat one another like brothers and sisters. Hence, it makes my life easier whenever I come across any difficulties. Not to forget, I am also a lady and guys treat lady chefs more politely *wink*. Haha. They keep calling me ‘Ah Moi’.

‘Ah Moi, you college mana?’, ‘Ah Moi, you umur berapa?’, ‘Ah Moi, you nampak macam 19 tahun saja lah’, ‘Ah Moi, bila nak kahwin?’, ‘Ah Moi, you ok ah?’,’Ah Moi, senyum lah’.. and so on. Haha! Well, I am so used of the word ‘Ah Moi’ now. Most of them hardly remember chinese names so I introduced myself as San. And when I mentioned San, they thought it’s sun or son. So, ya I told them ‘You ingat lah matahari.. nama saya San’. Haha.

Anyway, today is my second day at Cold Kitchen. My shift is from 7am till 3pm. So ya, gotta wake up early every morning and go to bed early as well. Oh ya, I have some good news to share with you guys. Dear is back for good this time, Avery is starting to walk steadily and starting to sing her ‘gibberish’ song, and of course I have internet connection in my room! Yay..

Well, I guess that’s all for now. I will update you guys again soon. Stay tune!

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