Week 1 – Training at Equatorial Hotel

January 11, 2009

Weee.. first week of training is done! This is my 1st time working in big kitchen with so many chefs, all in white uniform, apron, scarf and hat. My first 2 weeks of training is at the fine dining kitchen which is called The View.

However, I am grateful for being to work at the Chinese kitchen for 3 days last week as The View was closed. I learned a lot on cutting, chopping, slicing and peeling.There is so much to learn and practise. And you know what? I cut my left index finger on the 3rd day at Chinese kitchen while I was chopping spring onion. I really got to practise more on cutting and on handling knife skills.

And yesterday I was back at The View. I experienced slicing salmon for customers and introduced some of the dishes to them. It was fun but I was kind of nervous at the beginning. I will be working The View for another 1 more week before I moved to the main kitchen.

Wish me all the best! I’ll update you guys again next week. Have a blessed week!


5 Responses to “Week 1 – Training at Equatorial Hotel”

  1. willdavid Says:

    hey san,
    hope you r doing fine ya!

    now still in office o.

    miss you all ya…
    meng, drey, cy, suuyi and you…

    gong xi fa cai!


  2. Bruce Says:

    Happy training and follow your dream and I am sure you will do well in the kitchen.

    Hope you have get used to the working enviroment and the sounds of pots and pans, plates stacking, water running from the taps, waiters calling for pick ups, steams from the pots and frying activities.

    Like Remy of RAT-A-TOO-EE.

    After all the training in the hotel, you still can find time to update the news. You are very discipline!

    Sleep tight and enjoyed it.

  3. Bruce Says:

    Just remember to ask how is your finger. Take care and and concentrate when handling knives, machines and hot equipments.


    • hooisanlai Says:

      Thanks Sir. My finger has recovered. Ya, I need to practise more and put in full concentration especially at handling sharp objects. I still cut kinda slow. Haha.

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