A New Chapter of Life

December 31, 2008

Today marks the last day of 2008, the last day of staying at Auntie May’s place and also my last day of work at MAA. Reflecting upon these 2 years, I am blessed to have great bosses, great colleagues, and a nice place to stay (no doubt I still complain at times). Tonight, people will be celebrating new year and I will be doing all the packing and moving things. It’s sad to say goodbye and I dislike this feeling. There’s mixed feelings in me right now. I’m going to miss all my dear colleagues and my room mate.

Michelle, myself and Kee

Me, David, Fish and Choy

Thank you, MAA!

O God, cheer up my heart in spite of this mixed feelings I am going through. Strengthen me in this new year. Help me to see things through Your eyes and to accomplish whatever that shall be done according to Your will. This is the path I have chosen and there’s nothing to be sad about. I wanted to take this road and You have opened the doors for me. I thank You for the smooth transition and for leading me step by step.

Thank You for this new chapter of life and may it be filled with joy, excitement and success.

A Blessed New Year to all!


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