Penang Food Fest at New World Park

December 12, 2008

Cooking competition participants doing research for Nasi Ulam and a side dish recipe

Chefs in action (clockwise from top left: Rasa Sedap, Ratatouille, Penang Best, Penang Gourmet)

Look who is cooking… haha!


Nasi Ulam from Rasa Sedap

Beautiful vegetable carvings

Nasi Ulam from Ratatouille

Nasi Ulam from Penang Gourmet

Resembles Malacca chicken rice *grins*

Nasi Ulam from Penang Best (my team). Okay, since it’s from my team, allow me to elaborate a bit on our creation. We came out with a modernized Nasi Ulam wrapped in Chinese white cabbage, served with sweet curry prawns and starfruit. It’s a healthy dish, not too spicy which caters well for children, folks and caucasians. We incorporated starfruits in the curry to help promote our local fruit in cooking. The beautifully wrapped Nasi Ulam and ingredients used reflects the multiculturalism in Malaysia.

Simplest among all with no vegetable carvings coz we don’t know how to make one

The herbs used: kaffir leaves, lemongrass, bunga kantan, salted fish, dried shrimp, onions, cashew nuts, raisins

Presentation by Rasa Sedap

Presentation by Ratatouille

Presentation by Penang Gourmet

Presentation by Penang Best

Rasa Sedap


Penang Gourmet

Penang Best

Waiting for results

Prize giving ceremony. In fact before the competition, we were told that there was no 1st, 2nd or 3rd place and everyone is a winner. That eased me alot. We were surprised to know that our team actually scored the highest! Congrats Penang Best *grins*

CAC team

CAC team

CAC stalls; chicken burger, fried ramen, German sausage and fried ice

CAC burger team

Fried ice

Fried ice is similar to ice blended but it has a finer texture

Chicken burger

Fried ramen

German Sausage

Sikh Association delicacies & fruit bouquet from Fruit Passion

Food hunt participants in red

Pizza making demo by Bruce Lee

A lovely Aunty was invited to spread tomato puree on the pizza dough

The children enjoyed making cookies

Gingerbread cookies demo for the kids


4 Responses to “Penang Food Fest at New World Park”

  1. PenangTuaPui Says:

    i am there also that day….. one of the red shirt one….

    we are having food hunt.. yunm yum

  2. hooisanlai Says:

    yeah.. too many red shirts! haha! Glad that you had fun 🙂

  3. buzzingbee Says:

    wow…congrats! very creative presentation from your group. 🙂

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