Blessed Chocolate and Orange Birthday Cake

October 28, 2008

It was Kim’s birthday. Both of us love baking and I know she likes baking cookies so at the beginning, I only got her a set of cookie cutters. But in the end, I thought it would be great to surprise her since it’s her 24th birthday. Pam and Xian joined me, so I got her a 200-chocolate-recipes book and I baked her a chocolate and orange sponge cake with orange butter cream. She’s going to crave for more chocolate, cookies, cakes and desserts (sorry Kim.. haha!). Xian and I sent her gifts at her front door an hour before her birthday. It was fun to see her expression. She was absolutely surprised! We sang her a birthday song and she cut the cake. It was very simple yet memorable birthday celebration. I hope you like it, Kim *grins*

Chocolate and orange sponge cake with orange butter cream

A slice of blessed birthday cake


4 Responses to “Blessed Chocolate and Orange Birthday Cake”

  1. KK Says:

    Love it! stealing a pic…. bcos lazy to transfer. hahaha!

  2. hooisanlai Says:

    My pleasure, Kim šŸ˜€

  3. whojen Says:

    my birthday coming soon:D i also wan a big super giant cake:d hahhahaha
    jk jk:D

  4. hooisanlai Says:

    Can can šŸ˜€ I will make one for you!

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