Sem 1 Final Exam

September 26, 2008

Group A (my group)

Group B

Group C

Group D

Group D scored the highest with the total points of 122. Congratulations guys! 😀

Group C = 120 points

Group B = 119 points

Group A = 115 points

Sad to say, the soup that I made scored the lowest. It was really unexpected because the texture and taste was much better compared to the one I cooked during our trial exam. But again, cooking is a very subjective thing. Anyway, I am glad for my improvement within that 2 days *grins*

This is the soup I cooked during trial exam. There were too much mushroom chunks in it.

I blended the mushroom chunks on the 2nd day. The judge commented that it was a bit salty.


One Response to “Sem 1 Final Exam”

  1. hooixianlai Says:

    To be honest, I thought your group had the most presentable dishes. From the appetizer, main course and dessert, they looked more professionally done compared to others. Well done! Anyway, that’s my opinion. Don’t mean to condemn other groups. Haha! Just for comparison 🙂

    And yes, it’s a very subjective thing, which depends on individual preferences. hehe.

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