August 20, 2008

We learned to make bread from scratch last week and this week, we used the bread machine to make buns. It’s so much easier. Chef Wai taught us the rolling, folding, twisting and cutting dough techniques. He’s so fast! I wasn’t able to capture any photos of the techniques. Anyway, there are various ways of doing it depending on how you want the shape of your buns to be. All of us made 4 buns each; coconut bun, sausage bun, mayonnaise bun and mexico bun. Let me show you what I’ve made.

This is my coconut bun. The shape is not suppose to be like this. I have cut it at the wrong side but I still find it cute. Haha.

It’s suppose to be like this (Cher Wai’s version)

My good-try-cutting-and-twisting sausage bun. I only managed to make 4 holes instead of 6 and the sausage sank inward.

Chef Wai’s where the sausage is evenly divided.

Now, this is my mayonnaise bun. I’ve rolled the dough to long and as a result…

Chef Wai’s version again. Look more presentable and appetizing.

Lastly, our perfect Mexico bun! Haha.


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