Mini Cream Puffs

August 18, 2008

Cream puffs are made from choux pastry recipe. It is easy to make and it does not require a lot of tools. My mini cream puffs are really mini. I expected it to be slightly bigger but anyway, minis are cute, aren’t they? Just one bite and it’s gone. Haha. I am glad Papa likes it. I will try to make bigger ones next time and perhaps with different flavours too.

My one-bite-size cream puff

Custard filling


9 Responses to “Mini Cream Puffs”

  1. Meng Says:

    OMG I’ve had it! next time i come back penang u must let me try at least ONE of ur dishes!!! they all look sooo damn bloody goooood. AHHH I HATE KL FOOD save meee

  2. hooisanlai Says:

    Thanks Meng. Yes yes, I would love to make something for you 😀 Imagine yourself eating PG food when you are eating KL food. Then it won’t be that bad. Haha.

  3. KK Says:

    Me want the filling………

  4. whojen Says:

    i wan food!!
    san.. u owe me also.. i wan to eat:D hahaha

  5. hooisanlai Says:

    Kim, I like the filling too 😀 I can eat it just like that. Haha. When are you going to bake again? I can teach you *wink wink*

  6. hooisanlai Says:

    Dear, 2 days to go.. can start thinking what you wanna eat d so I do preparation. Need practise also. Haha 😀

  7. Meng Says:

    ok i bet everyone would agree that san owes us a sensational dinner party! lol

  8. hooisanlai Says:

    Yes Meng, you’re right 😀 When are you guys free? Must let me know in advance coz you know la.. new chef cooking in the kitchen will take some time. Haha.

  9. […] filling the custard filling into the baked pastry. The cream puffs turned out well (better than the ones I tried at home) although Kim just estimated the weight for all the ingredients as she […]

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