Choux Pastry

August 1, 2008

Choux pastry (a French word pronounced as ‘shoe pastry’) is a light pastry dough which is used to make cream puff, eclair, churro and beignets. It is made from butter, water, flour, and eggs. Choux pastry is usually baked but for churros and beignets, they are fried.


100g water

40g butter

60g flour

1 egg (app. 50g)


Bring water and butter to boil (boiling point).

Remove from the heat.

Pour in the flour and stir well under a low heat till you get a dough.

Turn off the heat and allow the dough to cool (about 3 -4 minutes).

Add in beaten eggs at intervals.

Keep stirring until you get the right consistency (not to firm nor too watery).

When it is ready, fill it into pipping bags.

Pipe out into small dough. Make sure you leave more gap in between each dough because they will expand (double the size) when baked.

Choux pastry for cream puff

Bake at 200 degree C for 20-30 minutes.

Baked puffs


Bring butter, 3/4 of the milk and sugar to boil.

Stir the remaining milk into custard powder.

When the milk boils, pour in the custard mixture and stir well to get a smooth custard.

If you are not using the custard yet, place a small piece of butter on the custard and close it with a plastic sheet to prevent it from drying.

Cream puff topped with chocolate

Swan cream puff

Tuna filling puff

To make churros, pipe choux pastry into strips on greaseproof paper.

Choux pastry for churros

Heat up oil for deep drying.

When oil is ready, place the choux pastry with the paper side up.

Frying churros

Remove paper and fry until golden brown.

Once it is golden brown, drain thoroughly.


Before serving, dust with icing sugar or you can also dip them into honey.

Churros with icing sugar

Baked choux pastry


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