Rich Cakes

July 30, 2008

Coffee Rum Cake

Topped with delicious chocolate icing

To make chocolate icing, melt cooking chocolate with some milk over medium heat. Stir and add more chocolate (if necessary) until you get the right consistency. Then chill it (so it is firm enough) before applying it on your cake.

Coffee Rum Cake topped with chocolate icing

You can try baking your cake in a baking pan such as above.

Turn your cake upside down and this is what you get! It’s coffee rum cake topped with lemon icing and cherries. A great presentation for Christmas celebration.

Another great idea for festive seasons or weddings is sugee cake. Sugee is also known as semolina. Semolina is the inner, starchy endosperm of wheat (not yet ground into flour).

Freshly baked sugee cake from oven

Sugee cake is almost similar to butter cake but it is more fragrant as it uses more egg yolks and it is flavoured with spices and almond flakes.

Sugee Cake

Ever heard of boiled fruit cake? Well, it’s very simple once you have got all your ingredients. Just bring everything to boil according to the instructions and bake at 150 degree C for 1 hour. Such cake can be kept up to several months.

Boiled Brandied Peach Fruit Cake


One Response to “Rich Cakes”

  1. Bernice Says:

    That’s an interesting way of making chocolate icing. Quick too, I’ll try it next time. 🙂

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