Club Sandwiches

July 22, 2008

Club sandwich is a type of sandwich which uses toasted bread and most often served as a double-decker. It is usually cut into quarters and held together by toothpicks or cocktail sticks.

Toasted bread

Triple Sandwich (with tuna, cheese and mashed egg filling)

Trim the edges

Insert toothpicks (as a guideline for cutting and also to prevent the filling from dropping)

Cut into desire shapes

Club Sandwiches

More sandwiches

Mini Pizzas (toasted bread as the crust)


6 Responses to “Club Sandwiches”

  1. jp08 Says:

    Looks great, just curious where these photos were taken? also a fun thing to try is club sandwiches with ciabatta buns!

  2. KK Says:

    So nice…….can’t you sneak some back for me?

  3. hooisanlai Says:

    Kim, I make new one for you la 😀

  4. hooisanlai Says:

    Hi jpo8, thanks for the idea. Will try it out some day 😀 Anyway, these photos are taken at the culinary school I am currently attending (CAC), in Penang.

  5. jp08 Says:

    very jealous. I cant wait to go to young still but I dream for the cia in California!

  6. hooisanlai Says:

    Hey jpo8, just wondering where are you from and how many years to go before you could enter your dream school? 😀

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