Dutch Cookies and Butter Rosettes

July 19, 2008

Chocolate chip cookies, butter cookies, sugar cookies, cereal cookies, peanut butter cookies, oatmeal cookies, meringue cookies, fruit cookies, nut cookies, christmas cookies, gingerbread cookies, spices cookies, no-bake cookies, macaroons, biscotti and you name it. There are too many variations nowadays. Today, we learned how make dutch cookies and butter rosettes. In stead of the usual creaming method, we used another method called the rub-in method. You do not need a mixing bowl, just mix the ingredients on the table. So, make sure your table is clean!!

Mix flour, sugar, butter, eggs & vanilla essence

Chop, chop, chop… (like making ‘muar chee’)

Form into a dough and refrigerate

After chilling, divide dough into portions (approximately 70g per portion)

Roll them flat

Flat pieces of dough to be refrigerate to make them firmer

Remove the firm pieces of dough from refrigerator and thinly brush some egg white on the surface

(Egg white works as a ‘glue’ in this case)

Overlap the chocolate dough onto the vanilla dough

Cut them into half

Brush them with egg white again

Repeat the same process of overlapping

Checkers cookies ready to be baked



Chefs are designers/artists too. Look at my group mates’ creativity.. haha!

Lovely assorted cookies

Cashew nut chocolate cookies

Assorted cookies from all groups. Some are nice and some are burned.


3 Responses to “Dutch Cookies and Butter Rosettes”

  1. KK Says:

    San, I still don’t get it leh…
    After overlap cut into stripes and gabung again?

  2. Xian Says:

    Wow! You know how to do that! 🙂 *clap*

  3. hooisanlai Says:

    Kim, I missed some shots coz I was trying to do it too. Maybe one day I demonstrate it to you. Haha 😀

    Xian, thanks! 😀

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