Potato Dish

July 10, 2008

Today, we learned all potato dish. We made mashed potato, baked potato, potato salad, potato wedges and gratin potato. We used various types of potatoes; from China, India, Indonesia and the US. Russet potatoes are starchy potatoes which has ‘flourish’ texture that is suitable for making wedges and french fries while the rest are considered waxy potatoes which has firmer texture that can be used for salad. It was fun to learn so many ways of cooking potatoes. We had a great time washing, peeling, cutting, boiling, dipping and frying potatoes and in the end? We all ate till ‘jelak’! Haha. Anyway, I like baked potato the most. Nothing but just pure baked potato with a drizzle of salt 🙂

Potato Salad

Gratin Potato (it’s baked potato with milk and cheese)

Mashed Potato (like the one in KFC.. haha!)

Crispy Potato Wedges



One Response to “Potato Dish”

  1. Xian Says:

    Well done, San! I made Gratin potato for potluck in New Zealand, and it was the most favoured dish! haha 😀

    Papa and I are waiting for you to cook for us VERY soon! hehe!

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