Adventures in Quebec City/Toronto

June 25, 2008

Oh boy… I just can’t wait to see her photos again; her funny and cute expressions. It makes me excited and wanna squeeze her and hug her tightly. And I miss Mommy dearly. Her hair is long now. I haven’t spoken to her for quite some time. The only time we get to talk to each other through Skype is during weekends. And for the rest of the time, we keep in touch by emailing one another and I really miss her. Can’t wait for her to come back with Cher and family 🙂

Anyway, I am so glad to receive an email from baby Avery this morning. Imagine a 6-month-old having her own email account. Haha! She is so adorable. She sent me her latest photos of her trip to Quebec City and Toronto with her Grandma, Mommy and Daddy. There are 55 new photos! Thank you, Avery 🙂 And here are some of my favourites.

What are you looking at?

My ‘mature’ smile

I have a crib, but I prefer adult beds

I am ready for bed

Grandma & me

Grandma shy shy..

Take my photo

Mmmm… another shot please…

yes.. yes.. *giggles*

thank you

Mommy & me in pink (my favourite colour)

and yellow.. love it!


4 Responses to “Adventures in Quebec City/Toronto”

  1. KK Says:

    Yoh, I love the one Avery smile til no eyes!
    Geram nyer.

  2. hooisanlai Says:

    Yaya, me too. Geram nya. Haha.

  3. whojen Says:

    wahhhh so adorable…

  4. hooisanlai Says:

    banyak expressions hor.. 😀

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